Spear Education

Spear Education

Our team had a great time learning ways for treating our patients with excellent care. Thank you Dr. John Contino and Dr. Eric Reed, at Westshore OMS, for inviting us to this great Spear Education event.

Spread the word to stop diabetes

American Diabetes Month is celebrated every November to raise awareness for diabetes. While many people think of diabetes as a nutritional disease, it is important to consider its connection to oral health. Recent research suggests that there is a two-way relationship...

Early Detection is Key:

With Oral Cancer on the rise, your dentist plays a key role in early detection and prevention of the disease. Dr. Bouchard provides Oral Cancer Screenings regularly on all our patients.  Call today to make an appointment to get your free Cancer Screening with a...

Smiles With Care Dentistry, Helping Our Community!!

Dr. Nancy Bouchard’s commitment for helping others is one of her missions since she became a dentist. She takes pride in participating with the annual Fort Myers Beach Heath Clinic at the Beach Baptist Church on the island.  They have the coolest dental...
WIND Women Inspire & Navigate Dentistry

WIND Women Inspire & Navigate Dentistry

Spoke about Head and Neck Cancer at the first ever WIND meeting.  Such an honor to meet so many women dentists stretching the boundaries of our profession.


Thank you, Paulette! We are happy to be able to care for you from beginning to end in only three weeks!